The moon and the stars


Hey, Dashenka

I never tell you this before, you know what? I like to look at the moon and the stars with you, maybe you never realize it, but when we’ve done something and see the world, or stand near our window at night, I always see the moon, and also the stars.

Stars are romantic thing for me, once in our flat in rakhmaninova, I just came back from university, and you came back from pupils, I made you a cup of tea, we just enjoying our self in the kitchen, because I remembered it was in the winter, I saw a moon through the window, and suddenly I’m holding your hand, maybe you don’t know what for I do that, but for me.. It was romantic, and I feel calm, but there were no stars.

Then we’re sleeping together, I had a dream, that I can fly, so I use that opportunity to catch the stars and give it to you, then you put it on your pocket, and you smile on me, and I just woke up, I saw that you’re still sleeping, but you know. I kissed you and cry a little bit, because I love you so much, and my heart feel so calm when I’m near you.

So, every time I saw either the moon, the stars or both in the night with you,  I always hold your hand, I want them to see our warm love.

Now, I see the moon, and the stars. I feel sad, because I miss you and I miss to stay near you.

Can I hold your hand again, please?

I love you, Dasha.

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