Insomnia Part V – Jealous, alone, and dizzy


As usual, I can’t sleep

Just ran away from my comfort zone, you know that I can’t be productive, half of my soul just gone, I can’t moved on because my love to you is too strong enough, even strong for killing myself.

And I don’t have anybody, I don’t have parents anymore, actually I have them, just considered they’re gone already in my mind, no God. Both my mind and my brain only thinking about you, D. several times I’m trying to do something else, to distract my mind, but always failed.

And the most bad thing, jealous. It’s weekend, what are you doing now? Are you sleeping with cutie guy? Are you love somebody else who can fix you better than me?

The only my friend is this blog, that I can tell anything about myself, just it can’t reply me or give any suggestion.

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