A Day in The Life

It’s 6am in the morning,

You and I just sleeping, alarm clock just ringing trying to wake people up, but I just switch off that noisy alarm, continue to sleep and hug a girl hear me.


Вставай… Вставай!! Bangun!! Bangun!! – a little girl came to our room, yelling and jumping near at our bed. What she has done successfully make us woke up. after that, she ran away back to her room. I asked you “Did you do like that when you’re at her age?”

“No! She’s just like her dad”

“Okay then, anyway, good morning, I love you” and kissed you

“morning, and i love you too” you kissed me back and get up from bed.

You went to shower, while I went to little girl who woke us up, later we knew that her name is Sofia, our daughter.

“What are you doing there? Did you finish your homework?”

“Yes..yes.. look dad, I found those funny videos on YouTube, check this out, i’ve sent it to your WhatsApp”

“You watch YouTube? Just be careful, phone’s display can damage your eyes, don’t be like your mum who always wear lenses or glasses”

“But dad, your eyes also weak, you wear glasses every day”

“Hahaha.. Yes, you right, sweetheart, that’s why I don’t want something happened to your cutie eyes, now get ready, I will make breakfast for you and your mom”.

So, I went to shower and saw you just finished take a shower and make yourself beautiful.

I said “You know, you don’t need such make up I still love both you you”

“both??” you just shocked, I can see because your eyebrow just raising.

“Yes, you and Sofia” I said that, after that, i kissed you and went to shower.

6 minutes later, I am in kitchen, cooking some rice already, then you came and asked “Why you cook today?”

“Because I love you”

“Yes, I love you too.”

“And second reason why I cook, because I want to eat kind of rice, haha”.

Sofia came to kitchen but still with her phone, watching something, and then you tell her “Sonya, don’t watch on your phone too often, look at your dad’s eyes, he even can’t drive without his glasses.”

“oke mum, dad..dad.. Can I have a dog, look at this photos, I want this dog, please.. Can I have it?”

“Ask your mum” I said that to her

“Mum, Can I…?”

then you said “Of course, you can.. after you stay in your own flat, when you have your own flat, you can have any pet you want”

“Okay mum… ” said Sofia, I knew she didn’t satisfied with that answer.

So, after breakfast, we just hop in to the car, I should take Sofia to her school, then take you to your university for working, finally I’m going to work.

Every your break time, you sent me several messages, and of course, I replied you, you said that Sofia will going home alone by bus, I said it’s ok because it’s near house.

Lunch break, I decided to have a lunch together with you, so I called you and asking do you have free time on lunch, you agreed.

Before meet you, I bought flowers for you, and give it to you, you asked “Thank you, but it’s what for? It’s not my birthday, not our anniversary either”.

I said “It’s because I love you every second of my life”, and kissed you.

So, we decided to eat in a restaurant, just two of us, you said “Anggie, can you pick me up in the evening, I need to bring some documents, and it’s heavy.”

“Of course, I can, even if you need to bring whole of корпус, I can rent a truck for that, haha”..

We just finished our lunch, and still have 20 minutes of break, so, we decided to have a walk in a park near university.

We just enjoyed our time and views, then you said “I love you, Anggie as long as you don’t disappoint me, please don’t do that again.”

“I won’t.. I promise” I said that, and again kiss you.

Break is over, you went back to your working place and I went back also.

In the evening, I came back to the  house, just saw you’re cooking and Sofia is watching something on her PC, So I kissed both of you.

“Ooh.. you’re cooking, right? Good luck!”

“Че гуд лак? Помоги мне!”

“Of course, cutie!” So, I helped you cut onions and vegetables,  While I’m doing that, I asked you “How was Sonya during the school time?”

“You know, she’s angry a little bit with me, because I forbid her to have pet, you know what, she will like that pet for several weeks because her friend has it, but after that, who will take care of it? We both r just working, dog also need to be taken care of.. She will understand it later”

“Yes, you right, just like our husky back then, right? Haha”

“Sonya, сделай домашнюю работу!” You told Sofia.

“I will, in 5 minutes, mum”

“Without 5 minutes, please, in 10 minutes you will finish all of them, and you can do anything you want after that, ok?”

“Ладненько” She said so.

So, she’s doing her homework, while we create food for dinner, and I put our clothes to the washing machine,

We had a great dinner, after that, Sofia continues to doing something on the internet, while we’re watching something on TV, several times I asked about movies that we watch.

“So, is he dead? Will he get back again?” I asked

“Just watch, I won’t tell you..”

“Okay, then.. Let’s fuck”

“No… Are you crazy? Sonya still awake, and your habit is never changed since we first time met each other.”

“Because my love to you also never changed, except growing much bigger”

“I love you too”

It’s 11.45p, and Sonya is sleeping already, and we’re getting ready for sleep also.

You asked “Tomorrow is Saturday, will we go somewhere?”

“Of course, what about movies and park? You know Sofia likes park right? And we can go to village, and church for you and her”

“Okay then, let’s sleep”

“Let’s sleep, I love you, Dasha.”

“I love you, too Anggie”

We just kissing each other, and going to sleep. waiting for a great dream come to us.


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