Between Brain and Heart

One that I can be proud of you after more than 6 months keeping silence is, you can control your heart and moved on, you have great career, healthy, and wealthy with your brain is fully working normally.

I can’t do that, if you want to know, this is what my brain told me

Yes, I know you stupid, you betrayed her, but you should move on, she hates you, you have career, you have your own future, she has it too, chase your dream, I’m smart enough to make your body and yourself get what you want, okay, let’s use our logic, if she loves you, she will come back to you later, she needs time to think because you destroy your future with her, now you should take your consequences, but while you take it, you should take care of yourself, you need to work, you need to eat, take enough rest and make yourself healthy. even now, you are just stupid because of resigned from your job, what will you eat? How to get money for eat and so on? You hate your parents, and even God, they will help you, don’t be so naive, Anggie!

Meanwhile heart told me:

I can’t… I love her, half of me is on her, and you know what, I BROKE IT! If I broke her, means I broke myself too, if brain told you that you need to work, think it twice! Do you have empathy? feeling? intuitions? Do you care how’s her feeling? She is not like Darya anymore, you almost kill her! She will be a different person? And who will be hurt because of it? No, not brain, It’s me! Heart! believe me, you can’t work or do anything else while your heart is broken, you can’t focus on anything! Trust me, check almost entire of this blogpost, have you EVER happy without her? No! Come fix her, make her feel good, and Never ever break her heart again, she’s vulnerable for God sake!

And heart always win for me…


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