Insomnia Part IV – How happy you are, I’m glad of you


Again, I can’t sleep at all, don’t think that I will sleep in several minutes. No, sometimes i just closed my eyes for several minutes, but my brain can’t sleep, it always thinking about you.

Just remembered what we’ve done, what you got now, and what I got now.

We traveled together.

Yes, we traveled together, I don’t care where it was, about places and so on, what I can say was.. I am happy to be with you,

And now, you traveled alone, and arrived, somebody whom you love pick you up, and take you wherever you want, and spent time together with you.

About me, I didn’t go anywhere, my foot is freezing, because it wants to walk with you only, not even alone, and tears came from my eyes when I remembered all of memories with you. But now, I am just nothing.

I’m glad when you’re happy when somebody you love pick you and take wherever you want.

We drunk together

It was special, our reason for first stay in a flat was this, we had a romantic drunk, you know what? I like when we drink red wine and watching movies together, or just have simply romantic talk with you and enjoy our cognac. We also like to drink vodka and enjoy our vibration of love between each other ❤️

And now, maybe in your hostel, home or whatever it is, you drink with your new boyfriend, have a romantic talk, or maybe sometimes dirty talk, and you enjoy your vibration of your new love.

And me, because I can’t eat properly, I drink mineral water so much, so I wouldn’t thirsty, and yes, my heart won’t be ok with even with any kind of water.

But I’m glad when you’re happy with somebody you love bring you great wine and enjoy yourself.

We eat together

Sometimes either you, I, or we bought a sushi and eat it together in our flat or dine-in, sometimes you bought something for us, or sometimes I bought something for you, we take care each other and trying to make sure our stomach is full and keep our-self healthy each other. This was just another romantic idea, an healthy relationship that we build, and yes, I am happy to eat our food together with you. ❤️

And now, you told me you cook something, but you also got another food from your new boyfriend, maybe he serve you better food, and better healthy food, he likes to make sure you’re pretty and healthy, and you give him great food also, or sometimes you eat together with romantic candle dinner.

Me? I can’t eat, only water and some bread when I’m hungry too much, but when I’m trying to eat, I vomited everything, doctor told me nothing wrong with my stomach or something, just my psychological issues.

But I’m glad you’re happy, so your stomach won’t be yelled on you, and you got romantic food from your new guy.

We sleep together

You know what makes us happy? Sleeping together! Usually after we drink, eat, watching movies or even fuck, we sleep together, and I like the part when you hug me, it’s like you really care about me, and I feel that I’m protecting you from nightmare, and any evil things. Especially when we sleep naked, I feel that you and me just one piece, we’re connected each other by love. You know what? I never had any bad dream or nightmare when we sleep together, maybe you won’t believe it, but it really was.

Maybe you live alone there, but somebody can stay in your room, and yes, maybe you sleeping with him, he can protect you and you feel safe with him.

And me? Not only I can’t eat, this is why I wrote this, because I can’t sleep.

But I’m glad that you’re happy, if somebody can protect you, and you love him so much, so you can sleep together and protect each other from nightmare.

We hug and kiss together

Another thing that we like to do was kissing and hugging each other, Yes, we’ve done it anywhere, in a bus, in a room, in a class, everywhere, and I like when either both of us say “kiss хочу!” and we’ve done romantic kiss, maybe you think it was silly, but I like it so much. Not only romantic kiss, we had fun kiss, romantic kiss, sexual kiss, care kiss, healthy kiss, “good luck” kiss, and much more, I can’t remember it because our lips remember better about those activities.

PS: Remember this? This photo taken shortly after our romantic kiss in a snow, I was trying to give you warm and romantic kiss, to make your heart warm and happy.

Maybe every time you woke up, he kissed you, give you better kiss, and you kiss him every time he will do something,

Me? I even can’t kiss tomato, because I don’t have it, and my lips are dried because I can’t eat properly.

But I’m glad that you’re happy to kiss and to be kissed by your new boyfriend.

We fucked together

I remembered we gave up our virginity in Gothic Hotel, Bandung. after that, we enjoy our fucking life, and yes, it was another our romantic idea, sometimes we fuck just after our vibration of love exploded, we fuck suddenly in classroom, we fuck romantically in a car, we watch movies and ended with fuck, even in Vietnam we fuck after play card games, just saw at that photo, how much condoms we spent just for 1-2 nights stay, and we really like it, I felt that your body is a part of my body that can’t be separated at all.

Now, I guess your new boyfriend has big magic thing, that you really like it, since you stay together, you maybe fuck more than me, or maybe without any condoms because you really like it.

Me? Since our last meet and fuck in Vietnam, I didn’t do anything with my magic thing, not even self-fun.

Again.. I’m glad that you’re happy…

About tears from my eyes? What tears…… don’t worry about it, it just dust on my eyes, don’t worry about it..

just, remember, and trust me, I never want you to suffer, I want you to be happy, because you deserve it.

I love you , Dasha..

Oh my.. I guess I have a lot of dust in my eyes, sorry…

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