Insomnia Part III – Between me and God


Again, I can’t sleep normally, my brain just burnt because thinking of you, how are you there, and so on, and of course, jealous about you again, my love to you is too much, and it kills me, but I can’t stop it.

Just remembered, today is Eid Mubarak, just another Muslim celebration, pray, eat, and bla bla bla… last year, we spent it together, even thou we do nothing, but I was happy because you were on my side 🙂

Since you’ve been gone, I don’t have any communication with God, Allah, Jesus or anything else, I’d like to blame Him because, what He has done, but no, it’s my fault, everything is my fault.

Still I don’t praise Him, or pray regularly, because my love to you D, is too much, I spent all of my love to you, even I get rid of parents, God, and myself. Just for you..

Again, only you can fix it, Darya.

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