Future Continuous Tense

Future continuous tense digunakan untuk menerangkan hal yang sedang terjadi pada waktu yang akan datang.

Struktur Kalimat

Subjek + shall/will + be + infinitive + -ing + objek

I shall be teaching tomorrow.
We shall be playing tennis at 4PM tomorrow.
You will be visiting them next week.

Kalimat Tanya

Shall/will + subjek + be + infinitive + -ing + objek

Will you be using your car this evening?
Will John be going home on Monday?

what/where/when/why/who/how + shall/will + subjek + be + infinitive + -ing + objek

What will you be doing at seven tomorrow morning?
How many people will be coming the the meeting?
How many vacation days a year will they be getting?
When will your father be retiring?

Kalimat Negatif

Subjek + shall/will + not + be + infinitive + -ing + objek

We shall not be painting the house next Sunday.
He will not be flying to Moscow next Saturday.
Sarah will not be going to the village the day afer tomorrow.
I shall not be fixing the bike this afternoon.

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