Simple Future Tense

Simple Future Tense digunakan untuk menerangkan kegiatan atau peristiwa yang akan terjadi atau akan dilakukan.

Struktur Kalimat

Dalam menyusun kalimat simple future tense, kita harus menggunakan shall atau will disertai verba I/infinitive.

Subjek + shall/will + infinitive + objek

shall/will             meet him
You                  will                      meet him

I shall be at home on Sunday.
We shall be here tonight.
She will tell you about everything.
You will join us.

Kalimat Tanya

Shall/will + subjek + infinitive + objek

Shall we visit them?
Will you come to the party?
Will he take a Japanese course?
Will Andrei celebrate his birthday?

What/where/when/why/how/who + shall/will + subjek + infinitive + objek

What will you do on Saturaday night?
Who will help them?
Where shall we go tonight?
When will they come back?

Kalimat Negatif

Subjek + shall/will + not + infinitive + objek

I shall not but the car.
We shall not climb the mountain.
You will not live with me.
She will not have a date with you.
They will not cross the river.

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