Past Perfect Continuous Tense

Past perfect continuous tense digunakan untuk menerangkan hal yang sudah terjadi dan masih berlangsung pada waktu lampau.

Struktur Kalimat

Subjek + had + been + infinitive + -ing + objek

I had been sitting until midnight.
You had been fishing all the day yesterday.
I Had been snowing for several hours when we awoke.

Kalimat Tanya

Had + subjek + been + infinitive + -ing + objek

Had you been reading before you went to bed?
Had she been cooking when Ersa called her?
Had they been playing before they took a bath?

What/where/when/why/who/how + had + subjek + been + infinitive + -ing + objek

What had you been doing when Alice met you?
Who had been sitting for hours last night?
How long had it been raining last night?

Kalimat Negatif

Subjek + had not / hadn't + been + infinitive + -ing + objek

I hadn’t been sitting until midnight.
You hadn’t been fishing all the day yesterday.
He hadn’t been studying art for a long time.
Mr. Black told me that he hadn’t been planning to go to Indonesia.

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