In Russian, there is no specific word for “married”, only жениться на (for a woman) or выйти замуж за (for a man).

Ivan married Alexandra in Russian will be Иван женился на Александре. This is become interesting , I will explain here.

In the Russian way of thinking, what is emphasised is not the process or the way of “marrying”, but the status: who is the wife and who is the husband.

The prepositions used are also different, “жениться на” is attached to the preposition на (on) which is used for location. As if the implicit meaning, women become “place” or “home” for the husband.

While “выйти замуж за” is attached to the preposition за (to): The husband accepts his wife for himself. Don’t forget, the verb used is выйти(out), so the implicit meaning is: “the wife left her former life and became a wife for Mr. X”.


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