Netflix troubleshooting

Man vs bee – available on 24 June.

Yesterday(24/6) I want to watch man vs bee but it was failed, the told me that i wasn’t available yet.

Why it’s in Japanese? Это служебный айпед и служебный японский нетфликс аккаунт)))

So, why it wasn’t available? Maybe because timezone, It’s 24 June in Indonesia but not in the US right?

So, ради интереса I asked my friend Yuri is this movie available in Russia, so i gave him my private netflix account to him (turned out that he has netflix account already, suka blyat), but… this is what happened:

It’s from his phone and yes, he know the new password. I guess because of VPN? I tried to login from my computer – successfully logged in.

Just unfortunately, if he turned off the VPN, he can’t access Netflix, so if you have issue regarding Netflix account, the password is still same.

with “B” capital and _2


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