Get used to subtitles

Just like Indonesians (and Asians in general), we have been got used to watching movies with subtitles since we were young.

In fact, most European, Japanese, Korean and Chinese got used with dubbed-movie, a lot of english language movies are dubbed in their language. It was awkward for the first time but later I got used too.

Netflix available in Russia since 2016 but not official, I remember we watched several serials and movie on Netflix together in our flat. Then why it was not official? Because

  1. They accept payment by russian cards (visa/mastercard only) but in Euro.
  2. There were no Russian subtitle, movie title in Russian.
  3. No localisation – there were no Russian movies in it, and some American movie that available in the US and Europe wasn’t available in Russia.

Meanwhile, Netflix officially available in Indonesia since 2016 with some advantages like:

  1. They accept payment by Indonesian cards (visa/mastercard/GPN) and also by GO-Pay in Indonesian Rupiah.
  2. Indonesian subtitle available on all movies.
  3. Localisation – There are some Indonesian movies available in Netflix.

Finally, in 2018 Netflix officially came to Russia with payment in Rubles, Russian subtitle and some movies dubbed in Russian and don’t forget about localisation, I watched Russian series Эпидемия (To The Lake).

However, Russian Netflix Twitter Account (NetflixRU) got a lot of complains because most of Russian still didn’t get used watching movies with Russian subtitle. Then NetflixRU was trying to campaign for watching movies with Russian subtitles and failed.

Yes of course while NetflixRU campaign that, Netflix trying so hard to make Russian-dubbed movie for Russian market. I don’t know how many films have been dubbed into Russian.

Netflix has almost changed the way Russians watch movies, It’s bad that Netflix stopped operating in Russia in June due to Russian invasion Special Military Operation in Ukraine.


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