Present Perfect Continuous Tense

Present perfect continuous tense digunakan untuk menerangkan kejadian yang telah terjadi dan masih berlangsung.

Struktur kalimat:

Subjek + has/have been + infinitive + -ing + objek

You have been writing since morning.
He has been travelling since two days ago.
She has been sailing for three days.

Kalimat tanya:
Have/has + subjek + been + infinitive + -ing + objek

Has he been sailing since January?
Has it been raining all day?
What have you been doing?
Who has been washing all morning?

Kalimat negatif:
Subjek + haven't/hasn't + been + infinitive + -ing + objek

She hasn’t been travelling all week.
Darya hasn’t been washing all morning.
It hasn’t been raining all day.

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