Present Perfect Tense

Present perfect tense digunakan untuk menerangkan kejadian yang telah terjadi sekarang tetapi tidak diketahui dengan pasti waktunya.

Struktur kalimat

Agar dapat menyusun kalimat present perfect tense, kita harus menggunakan have/has + verba III (past participle).

Subjek + have/has + Verba III + objek
I/You/They/We have eaten rice
He/She/It has eaten rice

I have seen Darya.
You have heard the news.
We have been to Jakarta.
He has learned the lesson.
She has finished the homework.

Kalimat tanya
Have/Has + Subjek + Verba III + objek

Have I give you the candy?
Have you had breakfast?
Has the train come in?
Has the plane landed?
What have you done?
What have I seen?

Kalimat negatif
Subjek + haven't / hasn't + Verba III + Objek

I haven’t seen Darya.
You haven’t received a letter.
He hasn’t taken your pen.

Penggunaan already, just, ever, never, since dan for

We have already decided to go.
She has just come in.
I have ever seen the film.
Andika has never ridden a horse.
He has been ill since the party.
He hasn’t smoked for a week.

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