Present Continous Tense

Present continous tense digunakan untuk menyatakan peristiwa yang sedang terjadi saat pembicaraan yang berlangsung.

Struktur kalimat

Subjek + are/am/is + infinitive + -ing + objek

I am playing music
She/He/It is playing music
You/They/We are playing music


Helen is crying
You are reading a book

Kalimat tanya

Is/Am/Are + Subjek + Infinitive + -ing + objek

Are we going to the beach?
Is he talking with me?
Am I painting now?

What/Where/When/Who/Why/How + are/am/is + subjek + infinitive + -ing

What are you doing?
What is he writing?
Who is cooking?
Where is Adam waiting?
Why is he laughing?

Kalimat negatif:

Subjek + are/am/is + not + infinitive + -ing + objek

I am not sleeping
They are not going to the party
Rudy is not travelling to Australia

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