17/11 0052Z

Alright, I want to describe something.


Based on your Instagram, you went to Jakarta, is that true?

I wrote in a polite, formal way to you, but you didn’t respond my e-mail, instead you wrote that “It’s always about people, they are mostly friendly in Indonesia”, yes, friendly, and you’re trying to to be friendly, so before you teach people how to be friendly, try to be friendly with our unfinished past.

I know that Indonesia still closed for tourists, but now I understand who invited you.

Also thanks for whoever she is for making your worst days not so bad, was it because I called you several times and blocked me? Told you, If you don’t want to talk to me, at least just take presents from my parents and leave me, you told me you hate me. Ok, I’ll take that, but if you hate me then you should hate my family also – if you think so, then your point of view isn’t match with all of your quotes on Instagram.

We’re adult enough right? Do you think we’ll argue each other just like before? Nein! You know I love you still, but I promise I will stop it if you told me that I should stop it – believe me, only you who can stop it.

You made me overthinking.

Anyway, Thanks for your post, you were with a girl, so I’m not jealous with that, appreciate that, I will do the same then 🙂

Have a nice day, hey you, cute girl that I always love.

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