Working = Boring

Today is holiday, but I am still working as usual, writing some emails. Boring



I miss discuss something with you, from useful things to unnecessary things. Can we just do that again? Forget the past and make a new future?


Fck. about that draft, i even can make it better,

As known by both of you, we have requested an engine borescope in February 23rd, we understood that textron are agreed to process that if only the funds has been wired and we have formally closed.
However, we hope Textron could also consider that we have a deadline, whether the engine has to be overhauled or to be exchanged. In case it needs to be exchanged, our vendor that works with us will need to know the current condition through borescope results and the aircraft needs to be ready in April 2022 for an air-patrol mission in Indonesia. Considering that this problem is caused not by us or by Textron but in Escrow, we have formally accepted the aircraft and its documents as is with all faults and all results from the engine borescope are our responsibility and it is not possible to be canceled.
Therefore, could you please perform the engine borescope for us, to save time meanwhile we are waiting from the escrow.

Suka blyat,



Ok, never mind, I miss you my lovely tall girl!

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