Just another plan

Dear Darya.

We know already that our plan always failed, but I won’t give up for make us together again,

But first of all, I’m sorry for everything what I’ve done, please forgive me.

So, here were are, it will be difficult for me to stay in Russia without any great sponsorship, even if we’re married, you, as Russian should have “standardized” salary for my permanent-resident status,

I told you earlier that I will take doctoral study there, in Penza again, I accepted all of my consequences for everything, for you I will sacrifice my pride, and so on, because what I want is to take care of you, as my promise,

So, I several days ago, I contacted Jamal for this, and asked him for help.

Suddenly he asked me about my marriage life? He is kind enough, right? So I told him everything

So, he asked when I will come, I just told him that I will come next year for doctoral study, aaand, he asked that I will marry Russian girl, I said yes, but I have already, 🙂So, I told him about my girl and also my aim that I need kind of propiska in hostel, but anyway I will stay with you somewhere 🙂


Then he asked that I will come as scholarship or paid, I guess I will chose the scholarship version, because all the rest I need for spend everything with you, and yes, I’m thinking about work also, I know I said it’s difficult, but it’s possible right? You told me so.. Then, I realized, he is a good friend, I’d like to invite my friends for our wedding, can I, D? I love you

And later he asked when I will come, based by scholarship, I should come on August, I’d like to come earlier as tourist, but I’m thinkin’ it over, I guess better to meet you late but forever than, for several weeks only, we learned from our mistakes, right?

The one that makes me happy was, he remembered you as my girl 🙂

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