IPv6 only Diary

WIHP, 22/02/2022 0320Z

Well, I have idea, should i make this site IPv6 only? So, people with IPv4-only internet connection can’t access this site? 🙂

These days, there are now significant deployments of IPv6 in South Asia, complementing earlier deployment efforts in the Americas and Western Europe. There is still a low level of IPv6 use in Africa, the Middle East, Western Asia, and Eastern Europe.

We can measure the extent to which recent the past 24 months activity has made a visible impact in the use of IPv6 in various economies.

Okay, this site(only deardarya) run on both IPv4 and IPv6 with dual-stack system, my main mobile internet connection uses only IPv4 connection, meanwhile my home and office deploy IPv6 networks. Unfortunately this site doesn’t have any site-tracker, so I don’t know, did you reach this site by IPv4 or IPv6.

It’s easy for me to switch off IPv4 on this site, but if you(and me) don’t have IPv6 connection then you can’t access this site.

Okay, let’s shut off fakin IPv4 on this site. До свидания ты старая бабушка😏!

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