2120 Z 14/02/2022

Happy valentine’s day!

Its 4AM already here and i just woke up,

I just miss you as usual, but i need to find distraction, right? So here I am.

A long story short. I had a chance to get employed in one corporation that teaches me a lot about Money talks Wealth whispers.

So, I  have to take care about BVI company, then something’s bothering me about this BVI things. From the office that doesn’t really exist, to the share holder of company that not easy to reach.  Usually if the corporation is under the circumstances needs a legal paper, the legal team will provide us easily. Yet it was one day I was told to ask the legal team to provide us Acra it was hells of a long run. My curiosity takesover, I can’t hold myself to not looking for a reference on what is BVI company, just like I said wealth  whisper.

Nowadays people just easily self proclaimed crazy rich – Now I realised that’s true, so, back to BVI, what the hell is BVI? It is British Virgin Island a.k.a Tax Heaven.

Kenapa surga? Karena negara ini negara favoritnya orang kaya untuk simpan uangnya, uangnya bisa dari hasil apa saja, kekayaan yang tidak dilaporkan, korupsi, jual beli narkoba, semua aman karena transparansi adalah hal yang sangat mahal di sini.

Kalian pernah tanya ga ada berapa jumlah uang di dunia ini? Kenapa persebarannya tidak merata padahal kebijakan upah mininum itu di mana-mana ada. Kenapa masih ada healthcare yang tidak affordable padahal universal coverage udah ada kebijakannya dari dulu, jawabannya satu. karena uang yang beredar di dunia kita (bukan yang di tax heaven) tidak banyak jumlahnya.

Di negara seperti British Virgin Island, Panama dan lain-lain si orang kaya bisa punya perusahaan cangkang (shell company) yang cuma exist on paper, tidak punya gedung atau karyawan, padahal uangnya banyak.

Another shocking fact, kalau kamu punya BVI company atau company yang berdiri di tax heaven island. Melakukan bisnis diluar negara itu, perusahaan tidak punya kewajiban untuk bayar pajak di negara itu dan di negara tempat dia bayar pajak, berlaku juga untuk aset.

Jadi misalnya gini: Ayahmu korupsi  atau jual beli narkoba terus dia bikin perusahaan BVI, simpan deh uangnya di korporasi itu. Kemudian BVI ini beli perusahaan di Indonesia dan beroperasi di Indonesia. BVI ini tidak akan kena wajib pajak dan uang hasil korupsi atau jual beli narkoba itu aman.

Bukan cuma aman tapi bisa tambah banyak, karena akhirnya makin banyak beli property dan ga harus bayar pajak.

Tax heaven: it doesn’t imposs tax on a lot of income earned by people in that jurisdiction.

The BVI, they are not smart, sexy nor harmless. Because the victim when people don’t pay taxes is everyday people, millions of people who do the right things, who declare their income, pay their employees and fair fight for their business.

Katanya negara asia, kota-kotanya menyimpan list of high risk client. Knowing as Peps.

Peps: Political Exposed Person.

Orang-orang yang ada di senior government position, head of state, enterprises dan alasan dari high risknya adalah have in their past themselves opportunity to commit corruption offense.

In other way; tax heaven like BVI is an easy way to park your money if you commited a crime.

Forecasted now, arguably an estimated billions of dollars flow in to Australian real estate and these dirty money pushes up house prices, it does make houses less affordable for your average Australian.

Shadow economy, shadow world: that only enriched people who already rich.

Bayangin betapa banyak yang yang harusnya dari pajak mereka kita bisa gunakan untuk healthcare supaya makin affordable, untuk biaya pendidikan supaya tuition fee bisa gratis atau untuk bangun shelter bagi para tuna wisma.

The question is:

Will the world become a better place to live?

I’d say yes, but no to using normal ways of economic. We need to reinvent on how we are going to see a quality of life of a person. Are we going to treat giving people a decent life as a luxury?


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