Question and Explanation

Hello there.

Recently I realized that you blocked me to view your stories on Instagram, I realized it when one of my colleague follows you.

Eirene is a marketing officer in my office, since they stationed me in head office, her desk is in front of me, I know her since March(or April?), after one of her work-partner/senior resign from the office, she asks me a lot about something technically, of course – it was only about work.

Again after end of our project, they sent me again to head office, we’re close enough, but I told her that I have girlfriend already, it is YOU, i told her everything about you, and she interested about you also, but we’re getting closer –  still as a friend, and she respected you also, that’s why when she took a photo of us, she asked “is it okay if i post it on the Instagram, will Dasha be angry?” of course I answered “it’s okay, she knew about you”, so, sometimes we posted a picture looks like this:

Hahaha, Yes, I know if we were still together, you will get angry and jealous, but no, don’t think that, I didn’t F her (you always thinking about that, right?) I love you, that’s why I honest with you.

And yeah, sometimes we took lunch together, and somebody think that we’re on a date, even some of staff took a picture like this:

So, this is my explanation for you, we didn’t love each other, she has a boyfriend and I have you – and we didn’t have an affair, if we will have it – I’ll tell you before 😉

Now, the question is:

  1. Why you blocked me on Instagram? You don’t want me to see your activity? I hate Instagram, but I created stories just for you, so you know that I didn’t do anything bad, because i f*cking love you.
  2. Why you didn’t reply my WhatsApp messages? Why you ignore me? Should some of my family member passed away again so you could reply my messages?

Still, I always love you, my lovely teacher, Dasha!


12/09/2021 07:47PM


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