Unstable mood and jealous time

Love is killing me, Yes it is.

And this time brain is lose, that’s why I wrote kind of quote 3 hours ago,

And again, I got my jealous time, it’s weekend, and with whom you spend it, how you spend it? Did somebody kiss you? Did somebody give you attention more than anybody? Whom you F there? And Whom you love there?

And because of this, I even can’t eat properly, I lost about 3-5 kg of my weight, yes, became skinny, maybe you won’t love me anymore if i’m skinny, you’d prefer guy with big body right? With big magic thing? :/

And yes, I felt hurt also, but It’s my punishment, I should take it, right, Dasha?

I decided to write my letter of resignation, I can’t work, brain is completely stop, I don’t have desire to do anything else.

You can survive from everything else, from pain and feel hurt, you can continue your work, means your job can distract you from feeling bad, you even can apply something and moved on. then you succeed, I can’t. now I felt more than what you felt. Maybe you can’t imagine.

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