Working with Mafia

July 4th 2021

Dear Darya

Almost 1 week they put me in the office, meaning I’m not working in the field for some time.


Maybe bad for you, because now my partner isn’t Russian anymore, wait a minute, still Russians, goddamn Vasily(sometimes I called him Vasya, blyat) but he’s in Moscow, far away from me. Now I’m working with 2 girls, one is marketing officer (Irene) – together we went to МЧС Индонезии for daily briefing and take several instruction letters and another girl (Gabriella) stay in the office – she’s 21 years old secretary, graduated from Australia if i’m not mistaken, so, she speaks English very good.

Where’s the boss? that’s the good question, he’s a mafia, he has several dirty business here, that’s why local authority trying to find him somehow, actually, I know where he is, haha..

To be honest, I’m afraid working here, xD

For your Information, both girls and the boss knew that I have relationship with a girl named Darya – It’s you, and every InstaStories both me and Irene made just to show you what we’ve done, she has boyfriend and she won’t cheat, and also I won’t cheat 🙂 eventhou you know that we never communicate 🙂


I miss you deeply, Dasha!

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