*Arrival mvt*

Ferry Flight PLM-BTH-SZB

A/C Reg : RA 24648
A/C Type : MI-8 AMT
26 Januari 2022

S.E. PLM : 05.30Z / 12.30 LT
ATD PLM : 05.35Z / 12.35 LT
ATA BTH : 06.56 Z / 14.56LT
E. OFF : 06.58 Z/ 14:58 LT

F. Time : 02.28hrs

PIC : Anatoli Bakevich
SIC : Igor Gunin
FE : Alexei Cherniaev
GE1 : Igor Roor
GE2 : Ivan Bukreev
GE3 : Vladimir Molokov
HLO : Anggoro B. Sukarno
POB : 7

Remarks : Ferry Flight / Re-export

Finally arrived in Batam –  an industrial boomtown, an emerging transport hub, and part of a free trade zone in the Indonesia–Malaysia–Singapore Growth Triangle.

Here you can buy cheap iPhones, electronics or even automobiles(for automobiles it can’t go outside Batam until you pay its tax).

Unfortunately my journey of ferry flight should stop here in Batam, because if I go further to Malaysia, then I should go to quarantine for next 7 days I don’t want to waste so much time.

I hate to stay alone, then I remember again about you, it still hurts anyway. how cruel you are didn’t response my messages.

Anyway, here are some pictures I took from the helicopter(высота была 300м/1000ft).


I’d like to upload more but realised it’s on HEIC format –  not JPG, and WordPress doesn’t accept them, and I’m too tired to convert it.

Here is Nagoya Shopping Center – It just another Indonesian shopping center, nothing more, just a lot of Singaporean here, don’t know how they can be here, I heard that sea border between Indonesia-Singapore is closed.


Anyway, want to tell you something:

I love you, Daria Ponomareva!

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