Last time we chat, you sent me this:


I wrote only one word, complicated, why? Because take a look back on my post about Fris,

Since we meet each other with F, J, and C,(not with you yet, it’s all begin before our English class started) they don’t match each other, and they have same problem, lack of trust.

C and J, they see me as a older Indonesian guy there, I realized they can’t help me if something happened, instead I should help them if something happened, I remember J’s mum always call me when she’s unreachable, I was tired with that, so I decide to handover J’s mum to F.

J had a bf, his name is Misha, but something happened, Misha betrayed her, J was angry, all the rest I don’t know.

C has bf, his name is… I forgot, either Andrei or Sasha, her relationship just normally fine, J reminds her not to close, but C didn’t respond that. Later I realized that C had problem with her by, don’t ask me what’s that, because I never ask that, what I realized was C is very loyal to him, she’s just stick together with him, even pressure from J also high. both J and C trying to be an evil, they don’t share homework each other, they hide every information about study each other, they just killing each other because of a boyfriend.

F had a bf also, he was aspirant in PGU(later working on PGU), his name is Sasha, they spend time together, but F is adult enough, and of course J and C can’t pressure them, I know they want, and finally they broke up, F blamed J and C for that, how they broke up and how much J and C involved, I never know about this.

I have a girlfriend, her name is Darya, we spend time together, once F never believe that we have a relationship, but later she knew, C was neutral about my relationship, J didn’t like my relationship, later I realized that F also didn’t like my relationship. Between all of them, only me can do diplomatic talk with anybody, (F is smarter than me, but she has lack of communication skills). Once they got a problem in hostel, while I was with you, I don’t know what people do with them, but finally they were angry with me.. and my relationship

The reason why I didn’t introduce you to them, I don’t want them to hate you, because I want everybody like you as my girlfriend.

At that time I want to tell you something:

One of bad thing about Indonesian is, they like to involved with people’s business, but once they got a problem, they will run away.


18.08.2018 6.09a

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