Why do people listening to the same music over and over?

Before that, I don’t have great taste in music, I love Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know, that’s all, gave you the song and we’re listening together.

Once in a taxi I heard one song, it was in English. tried to Shazam it, then found it.

So, I’m listening to this song for several times. I really like it.

It is quite normal listening to the same song over and over. There is one caveat. It is normal to listen to the same song, as long as you are not obsessive about it. You might listen to the same song five, ten, or even twenty times, but obsessively listening to the same song could be the sign of larger problems.

Suddenly, I remember about Bon Jovi – It’s my life, again I remember about you.

Back to music, it’s a simple fact. Some songs have the power to get stuck in your head. They never get old. But why? Some songs play a dominant role in your life. You might have listened to a song and thought, “this song is exactly how I feel right now.” Lyrics can support emotions faster than words could. Meaningful songs, especially those connected to a critical part of your life, make you feel more connected.

Often, music serves as an escape. It allows you to retreat behind the song, behind the melody, or behind the lyrics. A song that can help you put everything aside never gets old. Through listening to the same song or playlist about the past, present, heartache, beautiful moments, you can put yourself into the song and escape.

I guess music is the only way I got distraction from thinking about you.

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