Explanation about Google Drive #2

Read part 1 first, please.


I explained almost everything on first post, i don’t want to ask you anything directly anymore, just why you don’t want to talk to me anymore? In the morning, I’d like to explain everything about your gmail, so maybe I can help you, but you told me you were with parents, So, you can’t get a call from me when you’re with them, right?

And also, are you only afraid with that video and his feeling? or what? I don’t know. No, actually, I don’t understand everything, especially about your feeling? What if I come to you? Will you do the same to him? Why you better keeping silence?

At least, talk to me, Dasha, communication is a better way to fix everything, both of us understand English and Russian, it’s true that we have bad past – but please, don’t do this, you told everybody that you’d like to be kind to everybody? Why not me? Is that a revenge?

2020 was a bad year for everybody, for me i have bad year since 2017. Let’s talk please, at least about coffee or tea that you like. Seems cool?

And about this Google Drive case, I got your back, as always.

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