Explanation about Google Drive #1

So, several months ago, I opened again Google Drive on my phone for work, it automatically logged in as my main gmail account (FYI: I have 2 gmail accounts, one with @gmail and another one with @anggiemaya.net –  kinda corporate mail), in a recent tab, I got something, it was like this:


But i was busy with other things, so I didn’t do anything with this. Once I missed you so much, I opened this again, just to see our romantic life. Based on the filename, I remembered before I go back, you sent me bunch of files by GoogleDrive, I even remember that you’d like to give me flashdisk, but failed, so you sent me link to this archive.

Just got it, dated June 27th 2016:

But how did you sent this? you wrote your address at mail.ru, and yes, you sent it from your mail.ru account.

Anyway, I opened that link, so I can access your archive from it.


Take a look at this (and also first screenshot):

The owner is Ye Mo. I remembered you didn’t create this account as Ye Mo, it was either Da Po or Romantic Caterpillar. So, somebody changed this, what for, I don’t know. I was thinking that you changed by yourself because you want to delete everything about me, but if so, why you didn’t remove those files?

Anyway, there’s no porn inside, only video that we were kissing (kinda french kiss), our condoms, me holding a condom, and so on.  I can say if somebody open that archive, they can say that we’re a romantic couple, and had sex for several times, the most vulgar is when we were kissing, that’s all, that’s why I asked you, what video he showed you? Because if only several seconds, then it’s our kissing video, nothing more.

Unfortunately, I can’t open this Ye Mo account – I can’t get which email connected to that gmail account, but i’m still trying, meanwhile, I report that link to google already.

So, don’t worry.


Part 2 is here.

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