The reason why I created this blog

Do you know why I created this blog? Maybe you don’t care or even you don’t believe me, but this is the point.

First, It helps me to keep my promise, otherwise I won’t write what I can’t promise, and in some other days, you can show me some of posts of this blog to remind me.

Second, we have lack of communication, I know you still feel hurt about me, and me also, again, I won’t tired to say I’m sorry for make you feel hurt and bad. I love you, Darya. With this blog, I’m trying to tell everything what I feel, what I have, what I want, and how much I miss and love you, I know I feel hurt because I can’t hear anything about you, but I took it as punishment for my past, even I can’t handle how much I miss you, but I’m trying the best and I hope you feel ok there.

One more thing, I never want you to be suffered, I want you to be happy, I never want to limit your movements or your desires, as long as you love me, and be a good girl for me, I am ok with that, and please.. don’t be sick.

Third… This one..


This is the most romantic thing that you gave me ever.  <3

I always read everything what you wrote there especially when I miss you so much.

Now I’m doing the same, same feeling, just different medium, because we are apart, I prefer to use blog, I know it’s open for everybody, but I don’t mind with that, I want everybody know that I love you, also I want everybody know that I was stupid for breaking your heart, and again.. I apologize for what I’ve done. Just I want to fix everything¬† and trying to rebuild our relationship again.


I love you, Darya


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