Happy Birthday!

Dear Daria Ponomareva,

Today is your birthday, Happy birthday for you! even-thou you’re presently far away from me, may your special day be nothing short of spectacular. Hope the best in your life, your career and everything, you have no idea how much I wish I wash there with you on this special day.

For the last 3 hours me and my cat discussed about you starting from how we met, how I love you, how you love me back, how we were happy together, how we planned everything, how I ruined everything, how we left. That was happy and also sad stories.

3 years passed already, and I’m still chasing you, sending any signal and hoping that you will reply some, I still love you – I need you, can we just start over our relationship? Start from the beginning, put our past and start writing our journey again?

My door is always open specially for you.

Anyway, happy birthday, my love! Enjoy your birthday, say hi to your parents! 🙂


With love, Anggie


June 13th, 2020


PS: It’s almost in the morning here, I will send you e-mail with link to this post here in several hours.. Good nite there and I miss you badly [^^,]

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