Insomnia Part II

Again, I can’t sleep, hungry, trying to cook porridge but I ate only half of it, because of nausea, this brain and heart who trying to thinking about you just torture my body.

Do you think I can’t be jealous? I can, I have ability to feel that, Dasha, I know that you’re kind with everybody, but when I feel jealous, What I’m thinking is, somebody just doping something great to you, and then you just say thank you and talking each other several Time, then suddenly or maybe you planned to invite him to your room or he invites you to his room or house, drinking, and the first thing you do is, play with his magic thing, then you realized that his magic thing is greater than mine, I don’t know you feel pity on me or not, but when remember about me, you just think about my bad, my sin, and so on, so you continue to do some coins, again you’re trying to thinking about me, but in your inner mind, I am an evil, several times thinking like that, you decide to put protection device to his thing and starting to F,

Will you do that?


Last time I F was in Vietnam with you, and since that, nobody is touching my magic thing, or it never F somebody after you’re gone, even no little Sofia went out from it since our last F. Because my body, heart, and magic thing is loyal to you, my heart is waiting for joining your heart, my brain is waiting to have great discussion with your clever brain, my body is waiting to be touched with your body, my magic thing is waiting for your magic hole, and the most important.. my love is waiting for your love.

But of course you won’t believe me (hope) yet

Oh my… I can’t sleep, hungry and feel bad, but it’s like nightmare for me :/

August, 16 2018 around 1-3am

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