Yes, this is what I feel now, insomnia.

You know, I’d like to explain a lot of things, not only answer your question, but several stories about us, just… I can’t do that, I feel tired, sick and so on,

Last time I ate food was 7am, I can’t eat properly, especially when I remember and missing you a lot, I also can’t focus on working, I will tell you later about my boss was angry several times because I can’t work in a good way.

Maybe you can forget everything easily, but I can’t, from outside I look like a strong guy, but inside I broke myself, and now i’m just broken. I can’t live normally without you, and I will never be a normal guy without you.

But yes, i’m fighting for you still, same as you fighting for me, and I ruined it.

I know it should be morning or afternoon there, but realized that it will be useless to call you, or contact you, hope you doing something well..

again I want to write something, but I can’t.. :/


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