About Valentine’s Day

11.47a 14/02

Dear Darya

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hope you and your family stay healthy and be happy!

On previous post, I wrote something for you.

I just found this:

This is obviously interesting for me, a talkshow about how our brain works when dealing with a heartbreak, there are three questions, I will translate them for you:

  1. Can people fall in love logically?
  2. Can we manipulate our brain when we’re on a broken heart?
  3. How often our rationality occupied with our emotional state?

I want to attend this, but I can’t unfortunately, maybe this heartbreak cause everything in my life sucked, such as unable to think rationally,  have nothing to pursue, unhappy and so on, ah you know that, I wrote about this too often here. He wrote “Cedera Otak Berat Akibat Trauma Patah Cinta” meaning “severe brain injury Because of traumatic broken heart”, I really want to hear opinion from neurologist about this.

Btw, take a look of this:

Even today Yandex wrote like this 😀


Several days ago, I remembered one song, a Russian one, but I can’t remember either author or title, what I can remember was piece of lyrics, that was difficult also to find, but finally, I found this,

My Russian friend, Anastasia gave me this song, when we’re on a flat, she told me that this is a romantic song, but stupid me :p I didn’t give it to you that time. Yes, I put this song on VK, but I removed it again, so, in this day this is song for you:

Enjoy your Day 🙂


With sincere love


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