A short story

Dear Daria

About 11.30p January 3rd — it was midnight, dad went to the hospital, he was in HCU (High Care Unit).

I able to visit him on Sunday (5/1), he’s still in HCU, doctor said that his creatinine level is damn too high, don’t ask me what is it, he also said that dad should get appointments for dialysis, blood check, USGs, X-rays and so on.

Almost all of family member came, he stays in Fatmawati Hospital, South Jakarta.

What I can get is, because of diabetes, his kidneys are bad — I don’t know was it just bad or failure, it also affects his hearing.

His first dialysis was completed – it turned out that he needs to get dialysis every Monday and Thursday (Yes, twice a week) – FOREVER, because his kidneys are 30% in a bad condition, and about his hearing, I don’t know yet.

He was in HCU for almost 3 days. He went to “normal” room on 9th January, and I also leave them that day, just I talked to mum by phone only. Don’t know when I can go back there. I wish you can visit them.

Until now, I am far away from them, doing nothing, I was trying to contact you, but I don’t know will you still care or not, because if you won’t care, why should I contact you, right?

We’ll see what’s going on next.

Actually, I hate writing about him here :/

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