Happy New Year #2

12:08a 1/1

Dear Darya

How are you there? Hope everything will be fine for you.

Last year, I spent new year alone, burnt my wishlist and yet.. God (or whatsoever) didn’t fulfill my wishlist, in 2019 I can count how many times you contact me with only my left hand.

Sad? Yes, I am. Feeling hurt? Yes, I am. Regret? Of course I am. Trying to forget you? I don’t want. As long as I’m still breathe then I still love you, Darya, no matter what.

I failed to catch my dream to stick with you, my plans failed already, but I’m still trying to make another plan.

Last time I wrote you what’s next? You didn’t answer me, wait, I remember that wasn’t first time I asked you about everything, you keep silence when I started to talk about how to repair our relationship. You never tell me should I stop or keep going.. I just do what you told me earlier, wait until you’re ready, yet I’m still waiting also.

Now, I’m still burning piece of paper, mix it with wine, and drink it, hope God fulfill my wishlist – I just want to be with you, nothing more.


Happy New Year, Dear Daria

Hope this year will be a good year for you.



Remember, I always love you, keep support you here, always thinking about you and always pray for your healthy and happiness.




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