Hello, Christmas Eve

11.43p 24/12

Dear Darya

I spent this Christmas Eve alone, as usual, I hate when I am alone, because I always miss you there.

Several times I open my e-mail, and write to you “how are you?” but I didn’t send it. How coward am I.

But if you wanna know, why I didn’t send you anything, last time I wrote so much to you, you didn’t answer me yet* but it’s okay, maybe you’re busy I can** understand.

Suddenly, I remember when we were in Church together, yes, we stayed there maybe until 11p, because at that time we rented a flat already. It was a wonderful quality time together, between me, you and God 🙂

Merry Christmas, Daria Ponomareva!


With love,

Anggie Sukarno


* I’m still hoping that someday you’ll reply me

** try to..

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