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Now I understand why I had a bad dream.

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Bad dream


Had a bad dream, what if I had been waiting, but you were already with someone else there. In my dream, you have changed into someone else, into someone who hates me, into someone who has a new life, into someone who considers me a new friend.

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Drink too much

2:00AM 27/03

I wrote SMS to you, HELP ME, I was drunk. Actually I’m still drunk, here, haha. I just want to go home, but friends forbid me, I don’t want to be drunk with bitches, I love you, Now Im at home with my friends, theyre drunk already, but i take care of them, don’t worry no girls here, i love you.

Silly things

Just remembered that sometimes I’m still doing some silly things; such as wrote you when I’m drunk, write useless things in this blog, etc

First one was uncontrollable, my fault – I shouldn’t do that anymore, better I shouldn’t drink. Second one – I’m just missing you badly.


I don’t know what should I do if I miss you.