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I just want to see you

Dear Darya

I just want to meet you, i just want to see you

I miss you so much.

Can we at least talk normally?


Sorry we haven’t talked in a while. I don’t hate you, I’m just not sure if I exist anymore.

Late night

12:21a 07/3

Dear Darya

Usually when I am sleeping, I got several dreams about you – but now, I can’t sleep, and naturally I’m thinking about you. So, no different either I’m sleeping or not I’ll always thinking about you.

Lol I almost forget that I wrote about insomnia (there were “insomnia” series in this blog), several years ago.

I really miss you, even years passed already.

цитаты #1

Если вы постоянно даете человеку повод думать, что вот вы такой охуенный и легко найдете ему замену, как только что-то пойдет не так, лучше уебитесь об стену, вы не должны размножаться.