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I miss you

I miss you actually

That’s all for now.

Sometimes I asked myself, whom I chase? What for I’m here? Who is my friend here? Do I have an enemy?

Anyway, I still don’t know anything about myself.


I feel lonely.

Can’t figure it out why, today I just went to the lobby, watching people – thinking about nothing, I have no friends.

Actually I have some friends here and also colleagues but хрен с ними, when I feel lonely, I’m trying to listen to the music, walking near hotel until PTC (Palembang Trace Center – типа торовый центр), sometimes check out Instagram, watching your stories

And again I miss you, blyat..

Usually I avoid missing and lonely – the perfect match for me to be completely sad.

For over 6 months, I’m trying to distract anything from feeling lonely – and also be kind to other people as you said on your Instagram or whatsoever, but still I guess I’m failed again, how sucker I am.



PS: Sometimes I wrote your name in my dirty car, kind of crazy about you, eh?

Good night


9/8 5:50a

Dear Darya

Getting ready for work, yes, I’m working also on Sunday.

Suddenly I got overthinking about you, what should I do with our relationship? Are you trying to give up on it? Why you just keep silence? I wrote e-mails but it ended up with you who didn’t reply my e-mail. Why you do that?