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Happy New Year, Darya!

Hi cutie!

Happy new year! Hope in this year, you’ll be better and stronger than before.

Sit in my room, trying to write something and thinking about you. I should let you go, right? But I love you 🙁

Anyway, happy new year!

Good night, there 🙁


I feel lonely.

Can’t figure it out why, today I just went to the lobby, watching people – thinking about nothing, I have no friends.

Actually I have some friends here and also colleagues but хрен с ними, when I feel lonely, I’m trying to listen to the music, walking near hotel until PTC (Palembang Trace Center – типа торовый центр), sometimes check out Instagram, watching your stories

And again I miss you, blyat..

Usually I avoid missing and lonely – the perfect match for me to be completely sad.

For over 6 months, I’m trying to distract anything from feeling lonely – and also be kind to other people as you said on your Instagram or whatsoever, but still I guess I’m failed again, how sucker I am.



PS: Sometimes I wrote your name in my dirty car, kind of crazy about you, eh?

Good night


9/8 5:50a

Dear Darya

Getting ready for work, yes, I’m working also on Sunday.

Suddenly I got overthinking about you, what should I do with our relationship? Are you trying to give up on it? Why you just keep silence? I wrote e-mails but it ended up with you who didn’t reply my e-mail. Why you do that?