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…Silence is louder

You’re still everywhere…

First of July

Just got news from friends, that Russia still close it’s border, damn, F*ck.


I wonder, have you ever open this blog any-more? Anyway, I still write here sometimes.

I just hate everything now, I’d like to tell anything about my life here, but.. you know that.


After 11 months stay in several hotels – and several cities, I realized that there’s one problem that some guys like, but I don’t.

It’s a girl.

When first time came to Palembang, one of my supervisor try to attract local girls there, some of them are married, they’re brave enough to betray their wife, but of course those girls never say something to them.

Instead several girls try to talk and get my number. I tried to be polite, but later i decided not to answer them.

Dear Dasha, if we chat everyday,  you knew I will tell you that I’ve done here, and you won’t believe, but good that we didn’t talk for a long time, now I understand how I should value you so much.

So, those attractive girls won’t get my attention. Thanks to you, anyway you are the most cutest girl I ever know, Dash, 😉 all the rest just ugly :p

I just want to tell you much about this, but since this bloody Russians called me, I will write later here.

I love you , Dasha.