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What happened on 3rd May

I woke up at 4.30am, watch some serials on Netflix – Sexify if I’m not mistaken – Polish serial, went to the office for briefing at 8:00am, nothing special to do, we should ground run our helicopter in the afternoon.

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Test Positive for Covid-19

Dear Darya

After one week staying in hospital for accompany an engineer, finally I got test positive for coronavirus, and now I am in a quarantine facility in Labuan Bajo, Indonesia.

I feel fine, I don’t have high temperature or cold, I even can smell anything and taste any food, strange, but it happens.

Everybody knows that I got tested positive, but I just write it here today – again to inform you.

There are nurses here, they told me that I shouldn’t get stressed. I hope I won’t, but overall, I’m fine here.

And I hope you’re fine too. Now, i’m busy with watching some serials.

Be healthy there! I love you!

And Happy Valentine! πŸ™‚


Regards, Anggie

14/02 10:21

Explanation about Google Drive #2

Read part 1 first, please.


I explained almost everything on first post, i don’t want to ask you anything directly anymore, just why you don’t want to talk to me anymore? In the morning, I’d like to explain everything about your gmail, so maybe I can help you, but you told me you were with parents, So, you can’t get a call from me when you’re with them, right?

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I just want to say congrats for what you’ve got now,

Well I don’t know what happened to you now but my intuition says that I should congratulate you.

So, congrats for everything there.


With love